BrodTeNS replacement electrodes

Electrode Pack

A pack of six electrode bases, each pre-installed with new electrodes.
Simply press into BrodTeNS housing.

When to change your BrodTeNS electrodes

Your electrodes will change colour over a period of days, weeks and months. The zinc will dull and turn black and the copper will appear more silvery. This is normal and varies with each individual depending upon the pH in the moisture in the skin. Eventually the zinc will disappear revealing a dull copper. When both electrodes look very similar it is time to replace the electrode plate.

The time taken for this complete process averages between 3 and 6 months, but there are always exceptions either way.

Remove your BrodTeNS before swimming, showering or bathing as chemicals and salt water will affect the performance and lifespan of the electrodes. We recommend wiping the electrodes regularly with a damp cloth to prevent the build up of grime.
Price:  £10.00 (Excluding VAT)
            £12.00 (Including VAT)
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