BrodPod Back Support Belt

Magnetic Supports - BrodPod Back Support Belt
Class 1 medical device
The BrodPod magnetic back support should not be worn by anyone who has a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant fitted. Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain.
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Delivering effective flexible support

Advanced Magnetic Technology in a Unique Non-Sweat Fabric

The BrodPod Back Support Belt with Side-Pulls has been specifically designed to provide support for back pain, help improve flexibility during repeated bending and ease muscle strain. The quick-fit unisex belt is available in 4 sizes that can be adjusted to suit the wearer.
Back Pain

Ideal for:
  • Providing pain relief and support without the feeling of being ‘trussed up’
  • Easing backache while driving, gardening & other lifestyle & sports activities
  • Easing back pain during periods of inactivity, such as during illness or injury
  • Helping ease discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis, sciatica etc.
  • Standing for lengthy periods of time
  • Before and after exercise to prevent muscle spasms and aid recovery
Due to the absence of rigid stays, the belt can be worn for long periods of time. The more back pain you have, the more you will want to use it.

Side-pulls have adjustable tension control which can be altered to provide either a lighter or stronger support for maximum benefit and comfort.

The wrap-around belt incorporates our award winning advanced magnetic technology to enhance circulation, reduce pain and aid healing.

Unique thermo-regulating material prevents overheating and can be worn next to the skin if desired as it is non irritant, non toxic and hypo-allergenic.
Breathable Fabric
  • Comfortable, non-rigid supportive fit
  • Made from non-sweat thermo-regulating material
  • Tension control side-pulls
  • Long-lasting and reliable Velcro front closures
  • Non-toxic - No Neoprene and Latex Free
  • Unisex design available in 4 sizes
  • Washable
Price:  £52.92   (Excluding VAT)
            £63.50   (Including VAT)
Please measure hip for correct size - See the Size Chart above.
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