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    The only biologically powered microcurrent bracelet in the world
  Harnesses the power of the body's own electrolytes
  No batteries or mains power required
  Uniquely harmonised with BrodPod® advanced magnetic therapy
Nigel Broderick the award winning British inventor responsible for the popularity of magnetic therapy bracelets has developed the world's first multi therapy microTeNS® (microcurrent) bracelet.
Brod®TeNS is a revolutionary breakthrough and the culmination of 20 years research and development.
Brod®TeNS is powered using the skin's natural electrolytes to help generate a safe healing microcurrent. The tiniest electrical current measured in millionths of an amp can turn off pain, operate vital organs and move muscles.
Microcurrent therapy is used extensively by pain clinics and professional therapists to treat a wide range of medical conditions and injuries.
The inventor describes it as: "The Ultimate Health Bracelet - A one stop rejuvenation, maintenance and repair centre for the whole body."
NB: High frequency TENS block the pain message from reaching the brain. Low frequency microcurrents (as in Brod®TeNS) operate at a cellular level to provide pain relief and stimulate healing.
Brod®TeNS Range
Wristbands featuring magnetic and microTeNS® technology.
Brod®TeNS SI Bracelet
Durable, yet soft silicone band for sporting and active people.

Brod®TeNS LE Bracelet
BrodTeNS featuring a high quality leather wrist band.

Brodpod K9 Range
The most powerful magnetic therapy for dogs.

Equine Range
Brodpod magnotherapy for horses.

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