Equine Reviews

Equine Reviews

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Andrea Zimmerman (Australia) wrote:

"Not an enquiry just a thank you as these BrodPod boots are really breathable! I originally ordered another brand of Neoprene boots as they were distributed in Australia and they claimed to be breathable. I thought they would be ok to use here overnight in summer but even then they were way too hot! I received my BrodPod leg wraps yesterday and this morning Rocky’s legs didn't feel even slightly warmer, I could probably even use these safely in the day, hopefully they will help his splints settle but at this stage I'm just happy I can use them."

Rocky Vienna

Vanessa Carlin wrote:

"What am improvement in my pony Vienna.

Really, really pleased with the leg wraps will order another pair when I have saved up.

Thank you again for an amazing product.

Just to think my vet and I was thinking that this would be Vienna’s last summer.

Thanks to BrodPod wraps she will still be with me, can’t thank you enough x"

Jemma Docherty at Team C wrote:

"Morning, just thought I would share a picture of our team wearing their BrodPod products.

We have been using them for a number of years now and highly recommend them to all.

Always our first answer to people when asked what magnetic products to use.

Keep up the good work, thanks."

Team C Queenie

I can’t believe what a wonderful result your magnetic boots have been to my 31 year old hunter/driving horse Queenie. The next day, after having the boots on all night, I took her out of the stable yard up a very steep concrete slope and she was completely sound. Usually she is hobbling on the back and front with arthritis, which wears off after a while.

The photo was taken the morning after hunting. She is very fit and doing her 26th hunting season. She also carriage drives every week and she has been teaching disabled and disabled whips to drive for the RDA.

I recommend the magnetic boots, and thank you.

Mrs A Sheldrake, Cornwall

Abbie Morter wrote:

"Wally had his first night with his new boots on last night. I swear I turned out a different horse this morning!!!

Usually he plods out to the field, and wanders off. Today he was keen as mustard, and cantered around bucking and squealing for 5 minutes!!!

He has a rotated pedal bone, which is why I got the boots. It seems my boy got his beans back faster than I thought though!!

Thank you so much!!

He got the all clear from the farrier to start work again too. Onwards and upwards!!

Big smiles this end!!"

Equine Testimonial

Edie Pender-Cudlip wrote:

"Just wanted to say thank you for your product.

I purchased the BrodPod leg wraps for my horse at Blair following an accident in which he tore open his elbow. While he was on box rest he wore the bands the entire time, and now he has made a full recovery and wears the bands every night.

I believe the bands helped with the speed of his recovery, and I definitely notice when I haven't put them on him over night.

Thank you again."

Update Jan 18th 2016 -
This is my horse 4 months on from injury after exercise today.

Equine Testimonial
Tilly and Daz

Finally got round to responding! Thanks for the newspaper cutting. Great for Tilly to have got the win. We found out that week that she got a place at Badminton Grassroots next year due to being placed at Bishop Burton. So quite a week all in all.

Daz, Boggy Jack has done some great dressage since wearing the Brod rug. We travel him to events there and back and if we have an early start and plait, he wears it overnight with a fleece on top. It has certainly loosened him up along his back and in the loins area. Sometimes a bit too giddy! Tilly is very pleased to have bought it and Paul is pleased with his Brodtens wrist band and wears it every day!

Regards Julia Sayburn"

Lynsay Harris wrote:

"Bought a pair of Brodpod leg wraps for my daughters pony about two months ago. Absolutely love them. She has arthritis and after riding her legs can be puffy. I put these on and within hours she is back to normal could not live without them now. Need to order another pair as keep having to swap from front to hind lol honestly they are great. I am the type of person who would not part with money easily but they are brill and do the job thanks Brodpod"

BrodPod replied:

"Thanks for the wonderful feedback Lynsay, so pleased the magnetic wraps are helping."

Lynsay Harris wrote:

"You're most welcome they are Great I believe in positive feedback, people spend so much time only commenting in general on purchases when its negative. Thought I would break the norm on shopping and feedback and leave a positive one you deserve it Ray and Helen. So lovely nice to see you again at Blair 2015, will be in touch very soon to purchase another pair. The other good point is once you have bought them that it charged for life no need to replace them, great must have to my kit."

Xeven, the miniature Shetland Pony standing at only 34 inches high looking so cute in his new BrodPod magnetic leg wraps.

Sheri's Horse in the National Carriage  Driving Championship

Sheri Morgan wrote:

"Just wanted to say thank you for making such a difference to my horse. She was diagnosed with arthritis in her cannon joint and after treatment from the vet I purchased these BrodPod leg wraps (double helping as I know they aid circulation Just wanted to say thank you for making such an improvement and she had suffered from laminitis in the past).

The results are amazing she has gone from hit and miss soundness to competing in the national carriage driving championship! She wears them when in the stable, and when travelling a distance. If the weather is awful and they are in for 24hrs she will lend them to our other horse who gets filled legs - filled legs are no more!

I am just about to order a K9 for my senior dog who has arthritis in the hips/hind legs so will let you know how we get on!"

Sheri's Horse

Amanda Richards wrote:

These Brod boots are fantastic. They have been on my foal for growth plate separation. On a 16-2 for leg swellings, for after jumping.

Ours are a medium but fit all four of mine and my friends horses.

Best buy ever. They don’t look that clean anymore though! Highly recommended.

Sylvia Byerley wrote:

Just ordered a pair of boots for Grace. We've been using BrodPod’s for years and years on humans and dogs, even our vet uses them (on herself and her dogs!) but our newest horse has arrived this week and she has joint issues and the chiropractor suggested magnetic therapy.

Your boots were the first we thought of!

Kareen Kidd wrote:

"Thought you would like an update on my pony, Dhughaill, since wearing his brodpods.

He had his bilateral stifle operation on 6 November, where it was discovered there was slight meniscus damage plus full thickness cartilage damage (which was debrided to clean it all up and take out any sharp bits) to one leg resulting in osteoarthritis in that leg plus milder OA in the other leg.

He wore BrodPod wraps from the day he got home from the vet. He was given walking exercise as instructed by vet and then had physio from 6 weeks after op on a weekly basis with me following up some of the exercises daily.

My vet came out to check him 8 weeks after the operation and couldn't believe how he had come on. He said he was already at the stage that he would have expected after 5 or 6 months and we all felt that the BrodPods played a huge part in this recovery. He was expected to be out of work completely for at least 6 months but as well as now being allowed out during the day in a small paddock, he is being ridden at walk for half an hour daily and is doing great.

Fingers crossed he keeps improving this way. So far he has needed no further medication after his first 6 days pain relief from the op, even though the vet had thought he may have needed steroid injections into his stifle to help with recovery and am hoping it stays that way."

Catherine Boyd wrote:

"Duchess has been so much more free in her movement when we first start work since having the Brodpod rug.

A week after getting the rug we achieved our best ever freestyle to music score of 69.47% which was fantastic and I am sure that the improvement in her work was partly due to the effect of the rug.

She is working at Advanced Medium level at home & competing at Elementary level.

I would recommend this rug to anyone with a hard working horse in training for any discipline."

Professor Di Lawrence-Watt wrote:

"I am sorry I have not been in touch before now, but I wanted to give the BrodTens a good test and also wait to see how Biggles reacted to his magnets.

I am pleased to say that the magnetic horse boots have been a great success for Biggles and he is moving a lot more freely on his hind legs than previously. They have helped his arthritis greatly and I would certainly recommend them to other horse owners.

As to the BrodTens bracelet – this was a bit more difficult for me to start with because I am very lucky in that I have no joint problems or aches and pains – maybe riding, golf and swimming several times a week have kept me supple.

However, last Saturday I sustained a very nasty burn to the ventral surface of my forearm from steam escaping from a chamber used to steam bales of hay. It was very painful and although I applied cold water and a cold wrap to my forearm, it was very red due to the inflammation of the skin. Due to the reported benefit of microcurrent technology to damaged tissue, I wore the BrodTens bracelet over my injured forearm. Within 48 hours the pain of the burn was very much reduced as was the redness. I feel that the wearing of the BrodTens bracelet aided the healing of the burned tissue and significantly accelerated the healing of my skin.

Please feel free to use any of my experiences in your advertising of the benefits of the horse magnetic boots or the BrodTens bracelet (for the latter I have tried to keep the wording as for a lay person) so although retired I still keep an interest in science."

Maize wants to thank Brodpod for giving her a new lease of life.

Three years ago she was struggling to get around due to arthritis. She was 20 years old then. It had got so bad that we were thinking we were cruel keeping her going. She was dosed up with painkillers and still lame.

We tried loads of alternative therapies but nothing worked until we found Brodpod's. She has the k9 ones fastened to velcro watch straps, two on each leg, as you can see in the picture.

After a very short time she became more mobile and she canters around the field bucking and kicking. She doesn't have any painkillers at all now and couldn't be happier.

Thank you Brodpod

Maize Lizzie's Calf

Lizzie wrote:

"The power of magnets.....Saturday-Tuesday.....Different calf...up drinking without any help from us today....but it means that I will have to buy a new pair of leg wraps in the future"

Rosemary Ray. France wrote:

"Hi, I can highly recommend this product ! In two ways - my horses and a friend.

For my horses I used the leg wraps after a 1 off attack for laminitis on my beloved mare, it helped get things going a bit quicker and I still use them on her if she is looking a bit stiff.

I also have a rescue pony who was badly treated and has left her front legs deformed, so along with care, natural products and the BrodPod leg wraps she is walking with much more confidence and also is a much happier lady.

The other recommendation is by a French man I recommended the BrodTeNS bracelet to for the pain in his knees who was very sceptical and not happy to buy unless he tried it! He did, and now he swears by it and tells all his French neighbours and friends as if he invented it and his idea!"

This is a picture of one of my horses Fraggle wearing one of your BrodPod rugs. I put this on her to travel to shows between phases (eventing) post competition after I have washed her off.

Since using the rug and the wraps she certainly does not take as long to warm up for the dressage, she is most definitely a different horse since using this. She seems to be moving more freely which helps in all phases of eventing.

Also my older horse who I had to retire due to onset of arthritis is enjoying being back in work since he got a rug and wraps he them on overnight. He has even done a few unaffiliated events and show jumping since using these and I am considering taking him affiliated again next year.

Sharon Long

My horse Fraggle wearing BrodPod rug Glen

"Just to let you know the BrodPod leg wraps work a treat on Glen, his leg doesn't fill out overnight if he has them on.

I was also wondering if they have a slight calming effect, as I have taken him away twice in the trailer since he started wearing them.

Glen Normally I have to tie him up the minute he suspects he's going somewhere as he just can't contain himself and broncs around the stable kicking the walls, but not since he got the wraps, in fact I thought he was coming down with something he was so quiet....... long may it last!

Also my BrodTens wristband is working wonders as today for the first time since I can't remember when I didn't have numb hands when I woke up.

I noticed the result right away in the hand that I wear the bracelet on and its taken 6 days of gradual improvement for my other hand to be the same."

Ann Sewell

Mrs Finch wrote:

"I bought a pair of Brodpod leg wraps for my horse because of an attack of laminitis. Within 24 hours he was moving more freely and within a week could trot. They have been brilliant! I now use the wraps all the time as preventive treatment and to help maintain his health."

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