Can anyone wear a BrodTeNS?

No, a BrodTeNS must not be used by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant or those who have epilepsy. If you have any concerns you should consult your doctor or physician before wearing a BrodTeNS.

Will it work for me?

The BrodTeNS combines four different complementary therapies in one device which is proving highly effective in a wide range of medical conditions. Some people experience immediate benefits, while others sense subtle changes over a period of days, weeks and months. It is rare that no benefit at all is felt. Drinking plenty of fresh water to help flush any toxins released is beneficial.

Is it safe to use with other medications?

Yes, but if your drugs are prescribed by your doctor do not reduce or stop taking your medication without his/her approval.

How long should I wear the BrodTeNS?

As the BrodTeNS provides a safe DC microcurrent there is no restriction on the length of time the product can be worn. Although many people will wear their BrodTeNS 24/7, we suggest that as a minimum it is worn during the day time when the body is at peak activity.

Can I wear it water - the shower, bath or go swimming in it?

No, BrodTeNS should not be immersed or worn in water. Salt water and chemicals are corrosive and will affect the performance of the product.

Can I wear it next to a watch or fitness tracker?

No, the high power magnetic field may interfere with them so wear it on the opposite wrist.

What about allergies?

Every care has been taken in the manufacture of BrodTeNS to isolate allergic reactions. The BrodTeNS module is made from medical grade stainless steel (as used in implant devices). The electrode carrier is polypropylene and the electrodes are pure copper and zinc, each known for their non-allergenic properties.

The straps are silicone (which is less reactive than rubber) or hypoallergenic leather with stainless steel fittings, Note: Most metal allergies are a result of alloys containing metals that are known to be highly allergenic, such as nickel. There is NO nickel in BrodTeNS.

Very occasionally we receive reports from a person experiencing a rash under the module after wearing it for some time. This reaction is not an allergy but a sensitivity to the microcurrent created by changes to the pH balance (acid/alkaline) in your skin. This can be overcome by removing the bracelet, cleaning the electrodes and wearing it again once the rash has completely cleared after a few days. Re-introduce it during the day for short periods on the top side of the wrist and build the time up gradually. Ensure that the unit and strap are clean and free from dirt. Do not spray perfume or use creams etc near your wrist.

Will I feel any sensations?

Some people feel a warming or tingling sensation at first. This is temporary as the BrodTeNS starts to work. It is not harmful and usually settles down after a short time.

How can it work without a battery?

The BrodTeNS produces an electro-chemical reaction when the copper electrode (cathode) and the zinc electrode (anode) are bridged by the natural moisture in your skin. The resulting electrical energy is known as a galvanic (DC) current.

What is the electrical output?

The output will vary dependant on the individual wearing the product and how much perspiration they produce. The average can be expected to be 500mV although this can rise to approximately 750mV when perspiration levels are high.

What about maintenance?

It is important to clean the copper and zinc electrodes regularly by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Are there any serviceable parts?

Yes. The electrodes will eventually require replacing due to ion migration, this is normal and part of the current generation process. All straps are replaceable and interchangeable.

How long will the electrodes last?

The life of the electrodes is dependant on how often the BrodTeNS is worn and how much perspiration your body generates. Some people have a higher ratio of electrolytes than others. There are always exceptions either way but the average is around 6 months before they need changing.

How will I know when to replace the electrodes?

Your electrodes will change colour over a period of days, weeks & months. The zinc will dull and turn black and the copper will appear more silvery. This is normal and varies with each individual. Eventually the zinc will disappear revealing a dull copper. When both electrodes have turned dull copper, it is time to replace the electrode plate. A picture instruction guide and spare electrode plate are supplied with each BrodTeNS.

What is the CE mark?

CE marking ensures the product complies with the EU medical device regulations. The BrodTeNS is registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) as a Class 1 Medical Device.

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