BrodTeNS Leather Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

BrodTeNS Microcurrent + Magnetic Therapy - BrodTeNS Leather Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Warning: BrodTeNS should not be worn by anyone who has a heart pacemaker, electrical implant or suffers from epilepsy.
Class 1 medical device
BrodTeNS therapy module is supplied with an Italian leather strap of the highest quality complete with a polished stainless steel deployment clasp or satin finish stainless steel buckle. This hypoallergenic strap is finished with a vegetable dye using natural tannins sourced from bark and leaves of trees. The tannins bind to the collagen proteins in the hide causing them to become less water soluble, more resistant to bacterial attack and more flexible than leathers tanned using the usual chemical process.

This is a stylish and timeless unisex health bracelet.

  • The only biologically powered bracelet in the world with microTeNS® (Patented Technology)
  • Embedded FRxTM magnet
  • Precision engineered in medical grade stainless steel
  • Featuring a polished, stainless steel clasp with safety catch, or satin finish stainless steel buckle   (Select your option below).
  • Registered Class 1 medical device.
WINNER Jane Lee Grace Platinum Award 2014HIGHLY COMMENDED Jane Lee Grace Platinum Award 2015
Sizing Guide: Before ordering leather strap measure the circumference of your wrist at the same point that you would wear a watch.
(Please View 'Fitting Instructions' Video - See Left Bottom).

Each BrodTeNS is supplied with an electrode fitted to the module plus a spare.
Small/medium 135mm to 180mm
Medium/large 175mm to 225mm
Type of Fastening:
Small 140mm to 165mm
Medium 165mm to 180mm
Large 180mm to 220mm
Type of Fastening:
(Note: Pink only available in Small & Medium)

Price: £72.92 (Excluding VAT)
           £87.50 (Including VAT)
Have you accurately measured your exact wrist circumference, and selected the appropriate size?
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