Magnetic Knee and Arm Support

Magnetic Supports - Magnetic Knee and Arm Support
Class 1 medical device
Important Note:
Magnetic support should not be worn by anyone who has a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant fitted. Always consult your doctor if you experience prolonged pain or swelling.

Wrap the strap around the area that you wish to target. Position the plastic loop on either the inside or outside of the knee, ankle or arm. Adjust the tension until you feel a comfortable, supportive compression
Offering targeted relief, the fully adjustable flexible wrap combines physical support with our advanced magnetic technology to aid circulation and ease pain.

Whether you have an active or inactive life style, the wraps can be easily worn above or below the knee and also around the ankle or upper arm if required. If you are seeking a practical solution without the possible side effects of medication then consider our drug free alternative for your problem.
Knee TendonsKnee Pain
  • Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Stiff or swollen knees or joints
  • Sports injuries
  • Runners knee
  • General pain and inflammation
Breathable Fabric
  • ONE-SIZE – maximum circumference 50cm (19.5")
  • Interchangeable RIGHT or LEFT
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Genuine Velcro® low profile hook to prevent scratching
  • Permanent alternating magnetic fields
  • Washable

Single Wrap:
£24.58  (Excluding VAT)
                      £29.50  (Including VAT)

Twin Pack: £46.25  (Excluding VAT)
                   £55.50  (Including VAT)

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