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Magnetic Therapy & Pain Relief Products

We are an award winning UK company specialising in the development of unique electromagnetic, microcurrent & magnetic therapy products. Our advanced technology is designed to help you manage and alleviate pain, aid healing and improve recovery after exercise. With magnet therapy (often called Magnotherapy) being used not just for pain relief, over the years our customers have experienced better health and wellbeing not only in themselves but also their dogs & horses. They have reported benefits in a range of medical conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, cramp & sports injuries and the associated healing times, to name just a few.

The BrodTeNS magnetic bracelets incorporate a revolutionary microcurrent developed by Nigel Broderick, inventor of the world's most successful magnetic bracelet. This new generation of magnetic bracelet makes it the world's most technically advanced design for use in pain relief, sports performance and for health and healing. Although previous trials of magnetic bracelets in a number of countries had proved negative, the amazing benefits enjoyed by people wearing Nigel's unique design led to the Arthritis Research Campaign charity commissioning an independent clinical trial to test his product under an approved medical protocol. Analysis of the results showed that the patients wearing the magnetic bracelet products he designed reported a greater reduction in their level of pain compared to other magnetic bracelets or placebos.

A full peer reviewed report was published in the British Medical Journal in which it stated that "Whatever the mechanism, the benefit from the magnetic bracelets (Nigel's design) seems clinically useful" and continued to mention that the cost of the bracelet was a fraction of that spent on newer non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS pain relief drugs). The clinical trial represented a benchmark in magnet therapy and as understanding continues to grow so has the number of trials, leading Nyjon K. Eccles, M.R.C.P., Ph.D., to state that "The weight of evidence from published, well-conducted controlled trials suggests that static magnetic fields are able to induce analgesia."

Biomagnetic therapy provides a safe and complementary drug free alternative, we have an ever increasing number of doctors, physiotherapists, vets and athletes using our magnotherapy products.

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