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About Us

Our extensive specialist knowledge and experience within the magnetic industry spans more than 25 years. We have worked hard to achieve a well deserved reputation for being helpful, fair and efficient.

We pride ourselves on our professional and personal customer service and are happy to take time to talk with you, answering your questions which help you make an informed decision.

Helen’s background in the equestrian world and as a vet nurse enables her to understand many of the reasons why people may want try our magnetic products for themselves or their animals.

Over the years many customers have written to us to share their experiences. Their stories range from a simple ‘thank you’ for our fast and efficient service through to extraordinary experiences. Their letters are truly written from the heart and describe how they love our products and are happy to recommend them to family, friends and others.

2010 saw the launch of ‘BrodTeNS’, the world’s first microcurrent bracelet for people which combines advanced magnetic technology, copper, zinc and acupressure. Most medical professionals recognise ‘TeNS’ devices in their various frequencies as effective methods of pain management.

We look forward to helping you.

Ray & Helen Blackmore

Directors of BrodPod Ltd.