About Us

Our extensive specialist knowledge and experience within the magnetic therapy industry spans more than 25 years. We have a well deserved reputation for being helpful, fair and efficient.

We pride ourselves on our professional and personal customer service and are happy to take time to talk with you, answering your questions or concerns to help you to make an informed decision.

Helen’s background in the equestrian world and as a vet nurse enables her to relate to and understand many medical problems, both human and animal.

Over the years many customers have written to us to share their experiences. Their stories range from a simple ‘thank you’ through to extraordinary accounts of lives that have been literally transformed. Their letters are truly written from the heart and describe how they have found effective relief from their often debilitating problems.

2010 saw the launch of ‘BrodTeNS’, the world’s first microcurrent bracelet for people, a revolutionary leap forward in non-invasive pain management. This latest patented technology is proving highly effective in helping symptoms in a huge range of medical conditions.

Most doctors, nurses, vets, physiotherapists and health professionals etc. recognise ‘TeNS’ in its various frequencies and devices as an effective method of pain management. However, there’s so much more to it, so please have a good look around our website and discover how and why our award winning products may help you, your dog and/or your horse.

To enable us to offer you the very best service, you can only purchase ‘BrodPod’ directly from us, either over the phone or from this website. We don't have shops or agents and we don't supply retailers. 

To be fair to all we do not send freebies or sponsor individuals so that we can claim they wear our products. 

We have already helped thousands of people and animals enjoy a better quality of life and all of our reviews are absolutely 100% genuine – real stories from real people about themselves and their animals.

We look forward to helping you.

Ray & Helen Blackmore

Directors of BrodPod Ltd.