There are divided points of view on this at the moment, but some governments and health agencies around the world believe that wearing face masks in public can help contain the pandemic.

We were constantly being told to STAY HOME – PROTECT THE NHS – SAVE LIVES and if you have to go out remember to abide by social distancing. A hard hitting message which for many of us will be the strongest and most memorable one we encounter in our lifetime!

The Government has now changed the message to STAY ALERT – CONTROL THE VIRUS – SAVE LIVES and if you go out, wear a face covering.

We are being asked to wear a non-medical, non-surgical mask in order to save the PPE used in NHS hospitals and care industry for their needs.

Wearing a face mask to minimise the spread of COVID-19 is something that we can all consider, it’s a simple and practical step. Protecting ourselves and our families has to be a priority along with being mindful of others when we go out.

Taking action and wearing a protective face mask may help as an extra layer to reduce the transmission and viral loading into your respiratory tract. Remember the saying ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases’ – never has this been more relevant.

The re-usable personal protection masks can be the most cost effective purchase to make, especially if we are going to be required to wear masks for some time going forward.

Disposable masks and face coverings may not be for everyone due to the ongoing costs.

You could also consider making your own personal face mask/face covering if you are handy with a sewing machine.