For most, a pet is an extension of your family. When our most-loved dog or cat is in pain, we feel powerless to help. It is one of those times when you will Google, ring the vets and even seek a homeopathic remedy to relieve some of the suffering.

Arthritis is as much a reality for our pets as it is for any human. The grinding ache of old bones is just as painful and incurable in our four-legged friends as it is in us.

As with your loved-ones, your cat or dog could also get some relief from the pain of arthritis by wearing a magnetic bracelet. An animal can benefit just as much as we do from the increased blood flow promoted by a magnetic bracelet, which helps to reduce swelling and therefore relieve some of the aches.

Rather than a bracelet worn around the wrist or as a knee support, you can purchase special magnetic therapy collars for your pet. The collar is a natural remedy that has no adverse side effects which is great for pets that suffer complications from medication. A magnetic collar can help increase metabolic rate, reduce pain and maximise the potential for healing.

People often question the effectiveness of magnet therapy products, but if there are no side effects and only lots of potential benefits backed by multiple experts and testimonials, why wouldn't you help your pet’s recovery with a magnetic collar?

When you are looking everywhere for some relief for one of your family, it is good to know there is something simple and effective that will make a difference.