How Do Magnetic Products Work?

Our bodies have a naturally occurring magnetic and electric field. Our molecules hold a small amount of magnetic energy. The theory of magnetic products is that some problems of the body are a result of this magnetic field being out of balance. Therefore, therapists propose that placing a magnetic field close to the body could return this balance back to normal.

Ions send measurable signals that scientists have been testing for years, attempting to understand how a magnet can change how these ions act. A theory promoted by some is that the magnet increases the electrical conductivity of the blood, increasing the ions and therefore making blood flow more efficient. Others claim that magnetic fields can adjust nerve impulses and have an impact on fatty deposits on artery walls.

Studies continue to work to understand how magnetic therapies can be used in the treatment of different types of pain. Although still not thoroughly understood, with limited data to support conclusions, there are many anecdotal reports of pain relief thanks to products worn on the body. Ongoing studies are exploring how magnetic products can help with arthritis pain, wound healing, insomnia, fibromyalgia pain and headaches.

What is appealing about magnetic products is that they are generally safe for people to wear. Although there may be some possible minor side effects of dizziness and nausea for some, for the majority there is little chance of any adverse impact. The only people who should avoid the use of magnetic products are those with a pacemaker, an insulin pump or women during pregnancy.

Magnetic products are an alternative therapy that can be used to support the work done by medical practitioners.