Have you ever wondered why you feel better when you are near lakes, or waterfalls, or in the aftermath of a thunder storm? You feel calmer, lighter and more energised. There is science to support that the focus, that sense of alertness is caused by negative ions. Positive ions that are omitted from the sun, from our phones and our computer screens can leave us feeling tired and drained.

What does this have to do with golf and magnetic sports supports? Well, the first benefit of wearing a magnetic bracelet comes from the increase in the negative ions you are absorbing. This boost will help you concentrate better on your game and reduce those feelings of exhaustion and distraction. One of the biggest killers of your ability to hit par on the 18th is your exhaustion from the previous 17 holes.

However, the benefits associated with magnetic supports for your golf game helps overcome this. The repetition of movements in our wrists, as well as the force put through our knees, can cause pain and inflammation to flare up. Altering your technique to prevent the pain could damage your game and create bad habits. However, a magnetic support can work to relieve this and help you play pain-free. The magnets encourage higher blood flow and therefore promote healing through the body.

It is best to choose a support that sits closest to the area of pain for the most potent effect. Therefore, if the pain is in your arms, whether it is your shoulders or wrists, it is probably better to use a magnetic bracelet. However, there are magnetic straps for the knees that can work better on the lower body. The magnetic straps also work in the traditional mode too, offering bracing support to movement in the joint as you play.