In the modern, fast-paced world, many men are continually seeking ways to manage chronic pain quickly and discreetly, so that they continue their daily routine without intrusion. Mixing work, family and social commitments means many are always on the go, so finding a form of pain relief that is not accompanied by debilitating side effects is paramount. Alternative therapies are becoming a go-to form of pain management due to the absence of invasive, chemical medication and possible side effects.

One example of alternative therapy that can provide continual pain relief is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses the power of magnets to create the optimal conditions for healing in the body. This is achieved by drawing upon the magnetic charge present in human cells to encourage increased blood flow, which is a catalyst for reducing pain and speeding up the healing process. However, many men do not consider this form of pain relief due to perception that they are designed purely for women. The reality is that there is a wide range of men’s magnetic bracelets available on the market, designed for all types of ailments, lifestyles and styles.

Reap the benefits of magnetic therapy

Many conditions are accompanied by daily, chronic pain and suffers are continually seeking a way to alleviate this pain. Magnetic therapy is a viable pain-relieving alternative for many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines. Magnetic therapy can improve the lives of sufferers of these conditions and others in a variety of ways. For example, an improved circulation promotes better blood flow which promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients necessary to promote healing. Similarly, the increased circulation will also help to reduce any inflammation present and encourage toxins to be removed from the blood quicker. As the pain has been lessened by magnetic therapy, the quality of sleep and relaxation possible will be vastly increased- giving those with chronic pain a much better quality of life.

Why choose a magnetic bracelet?

There are many different options of magnetic therapy on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. For example, magnetic therapy can also be used to treat sporting injuries so, in this instance, targeted relief on that specific body part may be more beneficial. However, there are many benefits which are specific to a magnet bracelet that make it the most convenient choice for anyone looking for pain relief -

  • Cost effective - With magnetic bracelets, there is only a one-off cost involved. Once the purchase has been made, the wearer can reap all the benefits for as long as they choose to wear it. Because bracelets specifically are small items, they can be purchased for only a small cost. However, more elaborate or expensive versions are available that could be worn to go with a special occasion outfit.

  • Continual pain relief - A specific benefit of magnetic bracelets is the continual pain relief they can provide. The bracelet can be worn all day so can provide relief as long for as long as they continue to wear it. This eliminates the need to remember to take medication or having to take anything off when you leave the house. Any chronic pain can continually be managed throughout all the activities that accompany a modern lifestyle. For those men who work in strenuous manual labour jobs, continual pain relief is crucial so they are able to continue working whilst recovering. Men’s magnetic bracelets allow any pain to be managed throughout the working day so that the quality of work is not affected and no money is lost. Similarly, those men working in manual labour, may incur regular injuries so finding a method to provide quick pain relief is important so, again, they are able to carry on working through recovery.

  • Discreet - Similarly, because the bracelets are designed to blend with the typical bracelets worn by individuals, they are always discreet. This way, you can still experience pain relief whilst still wearing fashionable items. This is very beneficial for working individuals who need a form of pain management that blends in with their smart exterior, such as businessmen. This aspect is also beneficial for men working in manual labour. As magnetic bracelets are small, they can be worn whilst working as they will not interfere with any safety clothing.

  • Whole body relief - A magnetic therapy bracelet can provide support for conditions as the increased blood flow across the whole body will begin to lessen the pain and inflammation present in all areas. This is opposed to direct relief from magnetic knee supports. This is very beneficial for those men suffering with whole body aches and pains that accompany working life. Often, men ignore general aches and pains that do not inhibit their ability to work, but make the day much more uncomfortable. They may not visit the doctor as they feel these pains are not severe enough to warrant attention. Wearing a magnetic bracelet would provide relief for these pains and allow them to resume a pain-free lifestyle.

Designs for Men

It is often thought that magnetic therapy jewellery is designed primarily with women in mind. It is true that a large proportion of designs tend to be crafted with feminine accents that blend seamlessly with their outfit so no-one would ever be able to tell they are created specifically for pain relief. However, the market for men’s magnetic bracelets is growing and proving very popular.

On further inspection, there are in fact a number of attractive designs available which cater for men, both in terms of size, style, colour and fit. For example, many of the modern men’s magnetic bracelet variations are designed to mimic the appearance of watch straps and because of this, the ‘bracelet’ aspect becomes much less obvious. In addition, other designs mimic the appearance of the latest fitness bracelet technology which also enhances the discrete nature of magnetic therapy.

With so many different options, styles and designs available, both men and women alike really can reap the benefits of magnetic bracelets, so it’s well worth taking a look at what’s on offer. With the number of choices on offer with our BrodTeNS range you’re bound to find the perfect one for you!