Living with joint pain and arthritis can be debilitating for any individual, no matter what their age. These conditions can restrict movement and walking abilities, leading the sufferer to feel frustrated at their lack of freedom. This could even lead to feelings of loneliness or depression if their quality of life prevents them leaving the house or seeing friends and family due to their constant pain. In the ever-changing modern world, these conditions are even further debilitating as it becomes even more difficult to keep up. Therefore, it is crucial these individuals are provided with pain relief options that not only alleviate their suffering, but allow them the day to day freedom that they deserve - something which magnetic bracelets can provide in abundance.

What is magnetic therapy?

The human body has its own magnetic field and it is believed that magnetic therapy works by stimulating the natural movement of ions in and out of the blood cells. The resulting effect helps to rebalance the pH levels (acid/alkaline) in the blood which in turn reduces pain and inflammation.

Improving the action of circulation around the body with the use of static magnets helps to create the best conditions possible for healing. For arthritis and joint pain specifically, the benefit of using magnetic bracelets for pain management are due to the magnetic field encouraging any impaired cells that are causing inflammation to heal themselves. Furthermore, the improved circulation will encourage more oxygen and nutrients to the area to further aid the healing process. This is a non-invasive way of helping organic healing in the body as opposed to taking medication which could have unexpected side effects. The flexibility of magnetic bracelets for joint pain can allow them to be used as the sole method of pain relief for many, or in conjunction with other therapies and techniques.

Static magnets can be applied to specific areas that are causing discomfort such as knee joints or backs, similar to a magnetic knee support, and can be included in other items such as shoes and mattresses to provide whole body relief. For bracelets specifically, they can be made from titanium or copper which have their own additional health benefits.

With conditions like arthritis and joint problems, it is vital that the sufferer continues to move and exercise so the joints do not further stiffen. This can be a painful process if the area is already inflamed, however by using an arthritis bracelet, this exercise can be a much less painful activity as direct relief is being continuously provided. When an individual is already in chronic pain, it is vital that their pain relieving techniques do not subject them to further discomfort.

Continuous Relief

Magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain specifically are an effective choice for many individuals on the go. Also known as magnetic healing bracelets, they can be worn continuously throughout the day so the wearer is able to go about their daily routine at least managing their pain or at best be pain free - something sufferers of arthritis and chronic joint pain will cherish.

There are more than 100 different forms of Arthritis and related diseases, so managing the condition can be a costly process for those suffering and searching for the most effective pain -management. This is why it is so important for those suffering to find pain relief that is cost effective. Magnetic bracelets are usually a one-off payment and even with continuous use can last a long time. There are magnetic bracelets available in all price ranges from simple styles to those including precious metals and gemstones. In comparison to prescribed medication which may cause unpleasant side effects, magnetic therapy can provide a safe, drug free alternative for many people.  

A stylish form of pain relief

Many forms of pain relief products for those with arthritis and joint pain are both unattractive and impractical but these drawbacks are not present within magnetic bracelets. As they are only small items worn on the wrist, they are not impractical to be worn both out and about as well as in the home - you may even forget that you are wearing one!

Magnetic bracelets also come in a wide variety of different styles that can be worn by both men and women. These designs seamlessly blend in with any outfit; options are available that suit formal attire as well as party wear, allowing everyone to find a style which works for them. The bracelets can be embellished with coloured accents to complement a certain part of the outfit or can be plain to remain discrete and blend in with other accessories. With the rapid growth of the magnet therapy market, the style options are continually expanding and more innovative options are becoming available.

The freedom gained through wearing magnetic bracelets for arthritis or pain relief allows any individual suffering with joint pain and arthritis to live a rich life without the fear of unexpected pain or side effects from medication. Magnetic bracelets, including the BrodTeNS and Orbit range of products, may allow sufferers to reclaim their life!