Magnetic therapy is the method of using static magnets to relieve pain without medication, it can increase circulation and stimulate faster healing properties in certain areas. It has other beneficial properties too, but what are the most common applications of Magnet therapy?


With over 1 million people presenting to UK A&E departments each year with a sports related injury, and a 40% rise in professional football injury, it’s no surprise that the world of sport is trialing new therapies.

Race car drivers and golfers, soccer players and American footballers are singing the praises of magnetic therapy. The most common application of magnetic therapy is treating pain, inflammation and stiffness, so it’s easy to see why professional sports people are turning to magnets to recover faster.

Magnetic knee supports, straps and bandages are available for a variety of injuries; and many professional athletes state that magnet therapy also improves longevity, reduces exhaustion from training and even extends their careers.


With 12 million UK households including a canine friend, we are a nation of dog lovers. We take our pets’ pain as seriously as our own and owners of both pampered pooches and working dogs, are discovering magnetic therapy as a way to treat canine arthritis, pain and stiffness.

Magnetic collars are a non toxic, non invasive treatment without the harmful side effects that many pet owners - and their pets - wish to avoid. No cone of shame required!


Magnetic therapy is enjoying increasing popularity in the equine world too, with reported relief from pain, arthritis, and injury. Both professional trainers and amateur equine enthusiasts have found that their horses have reduced recovery time, are more relaxed, and warm up in training faster with the use of therapeutic magnets.

As a result there are now several products available to deliver the therapeutic effect of magnets to horses, including boots and rugs.


It’s not just athletes who suffer, in the UK more than 10 million people, of a variety of ages, are living with pain.

Modern magnet therapy devices are available in ranges of elegant, beautiful jewellery, or stylish leather bracelets to suit any taste and wardrobe, so you can benefit from therapeutic magnets without sacrificing style or comfort.