Sports medicine practitioners have been happy to encourage sports people of all kinds to use magnetic knee braces to help reduce the pain and swelling of an injury, as well as offer necessary support. For elite athletes, the use of medicines can be tricky. Orthopaedic specialists have been using a magnetic strap as a means of offering drug-free therapy.

Tennis players particularly benefit from the use of magnetic support strapping on the wrist and the elbow. Some of these products can also send heat through the joint. Therefore, the mixture of magnetic therapy, strapping, and heat can make it possible for those suffering pain to continue playing at a high level.

However, if you speak to golfers, you will find the most evangelical of sports people, as they gush about the impact of magnetic bracelets. Golf may look like a gentle stroll through the woods, briefly interrupted by hitting a small white ball. However, the posture and movement of a professional golfer put immense strain through the body.

Following the career of Tiger Woods is enough to demonstrate the levels of pain that some golfers play through. Magnetic golf bracelets are an everyday accessory on the professional golf tours. Golf is a sport where small margins make the difference between a contender and a champion. The best golfers believe the bracelets reduce the pain in joints, as well as improving circulation.  There are even rumours that some golfers wear magnetic bracelets because they feel it helps with overall balance, something essential at the moment of striking the ball.

Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow are caused by repetitive strain and many players gain relief from their pain and discomfort by using magnetic therapy sports supports.