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Protective Face Masks

Our superior performance, reusable wash and wear protective face coverings are intended for personal use and designed for comfort and durability. The face mask is shaped to help minimise the inside surface from coming into contact with the mouth and nostrils.

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NB: Due to the hygienic nature of face masks they are non-returnable/refundable.

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Backed by Harley Street consultant Mr Ian BayleyScientific testing has confirmed that its barrier protection properties are significantly better than the FFP2 face masks worn by NHS staff.

Mr Ian Bayley said “I believe that this new respiratory face covering is the best of all the devices currently out there for public use. This virus is likely to survive at varying levels within populations for some time and we need to find ways to limit transmission.

From what we have seen, the level of infection that gets into the nostrils dictates the severity of the illness. If we can limit that with these new masks and help to stop a full viral bombardment, we will be less at risk.

Normal paper masks as used in hospitals get wet and become useless. They are single use and have to be replaced every 20 minutes, as I am seeing in my hospital work.”

The Spacetec fabric is characterised by a high level of comfort and has been "Covid-19 Approved" by the textile Laboratory Centexbel.

This technical fabric is produced on a warp-knitting machine specifically developed to produce a very tightly knitted fabric and especially suited for filtration purposes.

The fabric offers filtration of above 95% according to EN16890-2:2016 and a permeability rate of more than 100l/m2/s according to ISO9237:2019. 

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The unique cushioned shape spacer fabric with a ten millimetre double integrated filtration helps prevent the inner surface from coming into contact with the nostrils and mouth. This provides a greater barrier to reduce the risk of viral transmission into the respiratory tract.

* Comfortable and easy to wear - suitable for direct contact with the skin and breathing through over a prolonged period.

* Soft elastic binding provides a gentle seal around the lower face area.

* Tie-back tapes attached to the elastic around ears avoids pinching while at the same time ensures a custom fit.

* No ongoing costs, no replacement filters, just wash and wear over and over again.

* Machine or hand wash and fast drying.

* One size - fits most adults and older children.

STAY SAFE - we strongly advise following our recommendations when wearing and caring for your face masks.



1. Before fitting, wash hands in soapy water (or use hand sanitiser).
2. Raise the cone shape part - METAL NOSE STRIP UPPERMOST - and place over nose and chin.
3. Loop ear elastic behind ears and tie the tape securely behind your head.
4. Position it to sit evenly and comfortably on the lower part of your face.
5. Pinch down on the metal strip over the bridge of your nose to close any gaps.

Please note that the metal strip should always be kept shaped and should not be folded or repeatedly flexed as this will weaken it. After the initial fitting the mask should need very little adjustment. 


1. Avoid touching the front of the mask as it may have been contaminated during use.
2. Reach back and untie the tape, still holding onto the tape remove from your face without touching the front part.
3. Place straight into the washing machine or sink. If you are out and about, place straight into a polybag.


1. Machine Wash with detergent at 30 to 40 degrees (use a net wash bag if you have one). Can be washed along with other items. 

2. OR Hand Wash in soapy water or detergent. Rinse well and wrap in a clean towel to remove excess moisture.
3. Tumble dry, blow-dry with a hairdryer, place on a radiator or dry naturally. 

Masks must be completely dry before wearing. Change if damp with breath and remember to use in combination with social distancing and washing hands in soapy water.

Can anyone wear them? Yes, unless you have a reason/medical condition that would prevent you from doing so. They help to provide a physical barrier and are designed for personal use.

How often should they be washed? After each use and/or if damp because you may have been in a contaminated area. Wash by hand or machine using detergent and dry in a tumble dryer, on a radiator or naturally.                                 

What's the face part made of? 100% polyester and suitable for direct contact with the skin and breathing through over a prolonged period.

Is the product LATEX FREE? Yes.

Are there any ongoing costs such as replacement filters?  No, all you need to do is wash and dry your mask after each use and it’s ready to use again. You can wash it over and over again - it really is very simple to look after.

Mrs Jean Wright wrote: Thank you for our face masks which arrived today. I am impressed by your rapid response to my order.

I was so pleased to find face masks which are made in the UK. I have been diligently searching the internet for such details. Most seem to be very coy about divulging their origin – those that I did find were all from China – many from Wuhan!

Keeping our team and community safe: Thank you Brodpod Penrith for your guidance and very quick service. 

The best face masksThe Meads of Hampshire wrote: We love our new face masks. Great quality and like the fact that the material is Covid-19 certificated. Feeling safer now.
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Claire Doyle (Ireland) wrote: 'Feeling safe in my mask. Great breathability whilst working - very pleased!
replacement face mask filters

Mrs Sheila Magee wrote: Just bought masks from BrodPod as advertised in last weeks Herald, after seeing my friends Sandra & Jeffs. Can recommend them, very close fitting along nose, cheeks and under chin. They sit away from your mouth making it easier to breathe. So with my mask & visor hopefully I'm bullet proof!

Elizabeth Turner wrote:  Mask arrived today thank you, fastest delivery of a mask I have experienced. I am so impressed with it and will certainly recommend your company. 

Jackie Calvert wrote: Good quality, very light and comfortable, love mine, feel secure.

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